The Rules of Use are as follows:

All user groups must adhere to the rules set forth below and those posted at the Fear Farm Sports Complex (Fear Farm Sports - Soccer Complex). GPM (Global Property Management Co.) and its representatives have the right to implement and enforce rules deemed to protect the welfare of patrons and the integrity of the Fear Farm Sports Complex without notice. Global Spectrum may waive or modify these rules upon request. The Fear Farm Sports Complex may only be utilized when properly contracted.

  • City noise ordinances apply.
  • Vehicles may park only in designated areas. Only vehicles displaying a valid handicap permit will be allowed in handicap parking spots. No vehicles may park overnight.
  •  Bicycles, unicycles, motorized skateboards, skateboards, and skates are not allowed on the sidewalks walkways and paths of the concession and restroom buildings or on the playing fields.
  • Pets are not allowed, with the exception of service animals and those used by law enforcement officials.
  •  No glass containers are allowed.
  •  No alcoholic beverages are allowed.
  •  Weapons (or items used as such) and explosives are prohibited.
  •  Trash should not be left at the Fear Farm Sports Complex. (Cleaning deposit may be required)
  •  Smoking is not allowed on premises.
  •  The Fear Farm Sports Complex and its elements may not be modified.
  •  Climbing on or hanging from Fear Farm Sports Complex fixtures and equipment is not allowed.
  •  Clothing considered vulgar, indecent, or obscene is not allowed.
  •  Foul or abusive language and obscene gestures will not be tolerated.
  •  Fighting, taunting, or threatening remarks or gestures will not be tolerated.
  •  Intoxication or other signs of impairment related to any type of illegal drug use or excessive alcohol consumption will not be tolerated.
  • Any persons found in violation of these rules may be subject to ejection or expulsion from the property, fines, or imprisonment. The group associated with the person found in violation is also subject to ejection and their contract may be suspended or revoked.
  • No vehicles allowed on fields at ANY TIME.
  • Parking fee will apply.
  • For large events, Smooth tire golf carts may be allowed with permission from GPM for event workers or medical/police.
  • All rental equipment (Port-a-bathrooms, generators, lights, tents, security) for all events must be contracted through the GPM (Fear Farm Sports Complex) preferred vendor list.


  • Food and Beverage sales are handled by a contracted vendors through GPM. During allocation periods, food & beverage for personal consumption is permitted. Items intended for team participants may also be distributed. Tailgating, organized pot-lucks, group dinners, other types of catering and the use of grills are not allowed. The selling of food or beverage items for fundraising activities are also not permitted. Please contact Jason Rowe, Event Manager at 602-622-2518 with questions.


  • When booking a special event at the Fear Farm Sports Complex, permits may be required. Information on permits may be obtained at the City of Phoenix website (www.phoenix.gov/index.html) by clicking the “Special Events” link. Permit applications are available through the City of Phoenix. The City of Phoenix is responsible for fulfilling permit requests. All permits must be on file with Global Property Management Co. in order to be executed at the Fear Farm Sports Complex.

Permits may be obtained from the city to allow the following provisions:

  •  Amplified sound equipment
  •  Beer consumption
  •  Special equipment (i.e. Tents)
  • Vending operation or sale of goods


  • Once it has been determined that a permit is necessary for an event, an application must be filed with the City of Phoenix. Permit applications should be submitted 60 days in advance of an event. Costs associated with permits are to be paid by the licensee. GPM reserves the right to terminate any contract that does not present the required permits 14 days prior to the event day.


  • GPM is responsible for reviewing and granting reservation requests. A request form may be obtained from GPM. When determining reservations, GPM does not consider the race, color, religion, sex, or national origin of the requestor or potential user group. Groups or individuals wishing to utilize the Fear Farm Sports Complex must have the proper paperwork on file and have a contract through GPM.


  • Allocation refers to the recurrent use of the Fear Farm Sports Complex. Generally, allocation takes place on one or more days of the week for three or more consecutive weeks. Allocation usually takes the form of athletic practices and games but may include other events fitting the above criteria.
  • Applications received are based on First come first serve basis. First received are given first priority, provided the group is in good standing at the Fear Farm Sports Complex. Allocation of fields after this is based on availability.  When a block is contracted, the times represent the hours during which the users may be on the property. Please plan for set-up and warm-up time and schedule your allocation appropriately. Any user that is late for their scheduled allocation by 45 minutes or more may have their date canceled. Please notify GPM in advance of your intentions to cancel dates or arrive late for allocation in order to maintain good standing. While it is at the discretion of each group to decide how their allocated space and time will be distributed internally, no more than two teams are allowed on each field at a time. Practices and games must stay reasonably within the marked boundaries of the field. Additionally, only groups covered by the contracted association’s insurance are allowed to use fields during allocation periods. Groups may not share space or time with teams outside of their association. Only the contracted group may utilize that allocated field(s).
  • Groups receiving allocation blocks are responsible for their users and guests. This includes ensuring everyone is in compliance with the rules and informing coaches, business managers, or other key people in the organization of the distinct space, time, and day they have been granted use of. Groups are not allowed to be present on the field for days or times they are not contracted for.
  • GPM reserves the right to cancel use of the fields with no notice if use of the field could compromise patron safety or the integrity of the fields. In the event of inclement weather, please call 602-622-2518. GPM may cancel use without notice. Further, with appropriate notice, GPM may notify recurring event users that the field will not be available on a previously contracted date. In general, fields will be allocated based on congruence with the purpose of the GYSC, past relations, and punctuality of the request. Past relations are based on a variety of factors including history with the GPM, timely payment, and adherence with GYSC rules. Effective2011, Club efforts to create and implement a Code of Conduct will be considered as an allocation criterion.


  • The Fear Farm Sports Complex may be contracted out for private or public use for special or sporting events. Please contact Jason Rowe, Event Manager at 602-622-2518 to discuss your event. Events will be considered on the bases of congruence with the purpose of the Fear Farm Sports Complex, disruption to regularly scheduled activity, past relations, and punctuality of the request. A non-refundable deposit will be required for events. A refundable cleaning deposit is required.


  • Requests for field use should be made through Jason Rowe, Event Manager, at 602-622-2518. Please refer to RESERVATIONS for more information regarding field reservations. Groups or individuals wishing to utilize the Fear Farm Sports Complex must have the proper paperwork on file and have contracted through Global Property Management Co.

Payment Schedule

  • All payment for usage of the fields must be received by GPM by the date stated on the contract. Allocation fees are due up front for the entirety of the contract. Events will require deposits. After each event, GPM will issue an invoice to include any additional charges the client incurred. This balance is due upon receipt. Failure to make payments may result in cancellation or suspension of your contract.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

  • GPM reserves the right to cancel contracted use of the Fear Farm Sports Complex without notice when use may compromise the safety and integrity of its structures and patrons. Further, GPM, with appropriate notice, may cancel use of the Fear Farm Sports Complex for events. When use is canceled by GPM for event use, a full refund will be paid to the licensee. Should the licensee elect to cancel use of a contracted date, no refund will be given. In cases of cancellation due to inclement weather, Acts of God, emergency, disaster, crisis, civil disturbance, shortage of vital and critical material, supplies, or fuel, or other unforeseen scenarios which may present unsafe conditions, GPM will offer alternative dates to fulfill the terms of the contract.


  • Each event held at the Fear Farm Sports Complex requires insurance. A certificate of insurance must be received by GPM no later than 14 days prior to execution of the contract.
  • On the certificate of insurance, the following statement must be listed as Additionally Insured:
  • “Fear Farm Sports - Soccer Complex, Global Property Management Co., Sheely Farms, Phoenix Events Complex as well as their respective directors, contractors, agents, officers, employees, and representatives.”
  • Only persons covered under the insurance provided will be allowed to participate in activities at the Fear Farm Sports Complex. Insurance is only considered to cover a group during contracted times.


  • When use of the FFSC is contracted, all usage must be in compliance with the agreement. Services outside of the scope of the contract, including use of power, use of fields beyond that which has been agreed upon, non-customary staffing or staffing beyond what has been agreed upon will be charged to the client at the going rate. When a contract is entered, it is expected that all users will abide by all rules and policies and respect direction from GPM and their hired or contracted staff. It is the responsibility of the person who signs the contract to relay this information to all guests. Any user groups that conduct themselves in inappropriate ways may have their contract revoked.